Johannes Kreidler Composer

List of Works

chronologic / medial

10 and more Instruments
2-9 Instruments
Solo Performance
Radio Play


TT1 (2014/15)
for Orchestra and Electronics

Duration: 17'

Premiere: 16.10.2015, Donaueschinger Musiktage, SWR Symphonieorchester Baden-Baden und Freiburg, Peter Eötvös Ltg.


Minusbolero (2009-14)
for Orchestra

Duration: 13'30"

Premiere: 7.2.2015, Eclat Stuttgart, RSO Stuttgart, Rupert Huber Ltg. [more]


My State as Friend and Beloved (2017/18)


Duration: 90'

fp: 27.4.2018, Oper Halle

[press release]

Industrialisation of the Romantic (2016)

Scenic Essay on Wagner and Marx
Duration: 75'

Premiere: 1.11.2016, Operncafé Halle [more]


Audioguide III (2015)

Music theater
Duration: 100'

Premiere: 7.6.2015, KunstFestSpiele Herrenhausen [more]

Audioguide (2013-14)

Music Theater
Duration: 7 hours

Premiere: 4.8.2014, Darmstädter Ferienkurse für Neue Musik [more]

Feeds. Hören TV (2009-10)
Music Theater

Duration: ca. 120'

A new music talk show, produced at Musiktheater im Revier Gelsenkirchen. [more]

10 and more Instruments


for 12 voices, piano, digital audio and video

Duration: 80'

fp: 5.12.2017, Heimathafen Berlin, Ensemble Phoenix16


Living in a Box (2010)
for Ensemble, Sampler and Video

Duration: 29'30''

Premiere: 29.1.2011, Frankfurt, Ensemble Modern/ Hartmut Keil, Ltg. [more]

Kantate. No future now: 1. Hard / Lichtenstein / 2.: gekürzt / 3. Ehe und Arie / 4. selbst / ganzer Film / Kreidler (ePlayer) / Club / Dr. Meissner / 5. Barock, Choral / Singspiel. (2008)
for big Ensemble und Sampler

Duration: 13'30"'

Premiere: 10.5.2009, Frankfurt, Ensemble Modern/ Johannes Kalitzke, Ltg. [more]

3300 Klänge (2007 / rev. 2008)
for 12 players

Duration: 12'20"

Premiere: 15.11.2008, Leipzig, Musikhochschule, Ensemble Musik & Gegenwart [more]

2-9 Instrumente

Diminuendo by shame (2014)
for 5 Instruments and Video

Duration: 20'

Premiere: 13.5.2017, Donaueschingen, Ensemble Asamisimasa


Slide show Music (2013)
for 7 Instruments, Audio and Video Playback

Duration: 16'00"

Premiere: 23.1.2014, Champ d'Action / Ultraschall Berlin, HAU 2

Shutter Piece (2012/13)
for 8 Instruments, Audio and Video Playback

Duration: 16'

Premiere: 27.4.2013, Wittener Tage für Neue Kammermusik, Ensemble Recherche [more]

The Knots (2012/13)
for 2 Sopranos

Duration: 8'

Premiere: 16.5.2013, Blurred Edges Hamburg, HYOID

Reversibility comes first (2012)
for 2 Guitars

Duration: 6'

Premiere: 7.7.2014, Duo Steuber.Öllinger [Video] [Score]

Der "Weg der Verzweiflung" (Hegel) ist der chromatische. (2011/12)
for nine instruments, audio and video playback

Duration: 16'

Premiere: 20.10.2012, Donaueschinger Musiktage, Nadar Ensemble / Daan Janssens, Ltg. [more]

Die "sich sammelnde Erfahrung" (Benn): der Ton (2012)
for flute (piccolo), bass trombone, electric guitar, percussion, drumpad sampler, piano, audio and video playback

Duration: 14'

Premiere: 18.7.2012, Darmstadt, Nadar Ensemble / Daan Janssens, Cond. [more]

Money (2011)
for Clarinet, Violin, Guitar, Piano and Sampler

Duration: ca. 8'30''

Premiere: 16.3.2012, Borealis Bergen / Norway, Ensemble Plus Minus, Mark Knoop, Cond.

untitled performance #3 (2010)
for computer keyboard soloists

duration: ca. 12'

Commission by Klangwerkstatt Berlin [more]

Stil 1 (2010-)
for variable instrumentation and tape

Duration: ca. 10'

Since now as version Stil 1a for zither, cello and tape, Stil 1b for flute, bass clarinet, accordion and tape, Stil 1c for Vibraphone, Baritone Saxophone, Piccolo Flute and Tape, Stil 1d for Bass Clarinet, E-Zither and Tape, Stil 1e for Baritone Saxophone, E-Guitar and Tape, Stil 1f for piccolo Flute, Cello, Piano and Tape, Stil 1g for Piano 6 Hands and Keyboard (4 Pianists), Stil 1h for Oboe, Alto Saxo, Trombone, Guitar, Piano and Tape, Stil 1i for piccolo Flute, Oboe, Melodica, Alto Saxo, Viola and Tape, Stil 1j for Recorder, Saxo, Trombone, Drumset, Double Bass, Piano and Tape. [more]

Music for a solo Western Man (2010)
for Performer, Moderator, Ensemble and Electronics

Duration: 22'

Alvin Lucier's piece extended - the performer has to relax while listening porn and other stuff [more]

Fremdarbeit (2009)
for four Instruments and Moderator

Duration: 23'

Johannes Kreidler lets a chinese and an indian guy compose for himself. [more]

Charts Music (2009)
music with visualization

Duration: 3'

Melodies derived from Stock Charts, arranged with Microsoft Songsmith (instrumental version). [more]


cache surrealism (2008)
For baritone saxophone, accordion, cello and tape

Duration: 6' 55"

Premiere: 30.9.2008, Unerhörte Musik Berlin, LUX:NM [more]

randgruppen's highway tour (2008)
Performance for two accordions   [link]

Duration: ca. 15'

Premiere: Oktober 2008, Duo Randgruppe, on German motorway service areas

in hyper intervals (2008)

For violin, clarinet / bass clarinet, percussion, piano and tape

Duration: 21'

Premiere: 24.10.2008, Danzig, Ensemble Kwartludium

Another work dealing with fragmenting and overwriting sound files. [more]


Dekonfabulation (2007/08)
For accordion, percussion, female speaker and tape

Duration: 29'

Premiere: 26.2.2008 Unerhörte Musik Berlin; Annette Rießner, acc.; Hjölli Johnsson, perc.; Cathrin Romeis, speaker.


Farben: auf der Nadelspitze (2005)
for snare drum and cello

Duration: 4'

Premiere: 12.3.2005, Rotterdam, Mark van Louden, Schlgzg., Christopher LeRoy, Vc. [more]

complement deformation browser (2003)
for string quartet

Duration: 10'30"


Baum und Landschaft (2000)
for Viola and Guitar

Duration: 7'30"

Premiere: 26.11.2000 Halle, Hallesche Musiktage; Ensemble Sortisatio


Toccatas for Organ (2017)

from: [Two conceptual Pieces]

rationalization-irrationalization (2016)
for Glissando Flute, Audio and Video Playback

Duration: 11'

Premiere: 2017, Erik Drescher


Typogravitism (2016)
for Electric Guitar, Audio and Video Playback

Duration: 19'

UA: 25.3.2017 De Bijloke Gent, Nico Couck


Instrumentalisms C (2016)

[for Keyboard & Video]



2 pieces for clarinet and video (2016)

Duration: 9'

Premiere: 2.9.2016, Carola Schaal, SMC Hamburg [Video] [Score]

Fantasies of Downfall (2015)
for Vibraphone, Audio and Video playback

Duration: 12'

Premiere: 1.8.2016, Hakon Stene, Darmstädter Ferienkurse für Neue Musik


Steady Shot (2015)
for Piano, Photo Camera, Audio and Video Playback

Duration: 7'

Premiere: 17.6.2016, Heloisa Amaral, Klang Kopenhagen

[Teaser] / [Piece] [Score]

Neutralisation Study (2014)

for piano; from: [Five conceptual pieces]

Study for Violin and Playback (2013)

Duration: 6'

Premiere: 4.8.2013, Darmstädter Ferienkurse für Neue Musik, Karin Hellqvist [more]

study for piano, audio and video playback (2011)

Duration: 6'

Premiere: 24.11.2011, ZKM Karlsruhe, Rei Nakamura [more]


Zum Geburtstag (2010)

for Piano or other instrument, from: [Four conceptual pieces]

The Uncommon (2010)

for piano or other key instrument, from: [Four conceptual pieces]

Slot machines (2009)
for Piano and Mp3 Player

Duration: 7'10"'

Premiere: 14.3.2011, Huddersfield, Sebastian Berweck [more]

Farben: Untersagt (2008)
for Tuba and Tape

Duration: 5'

Premiere: 18.10.2008, Robin Hayward, Tuba; Internationales Klangkunstfest Berlin


Piano Piece 6 (2006)
for piano

Duration: 10'30"

Premiere: 2.6.2015, BKA Berlin, Martin Tchiba, Klv [more]


windowed 1 (2006)
for percussion and tape

Duration: 2x 5' 05"

Premiere: 10.7.2006, Freiburg, Musikhochschule; Max Riefer, Mariko Nishioka, Schlgzg.

First piece with fragmented soundfiles. [more]


Piano Piece 5 (2005)
for piano and 4-channel-tape

Duration: 11' 50"

Premiere: 12.1.2006, Freiburg, Musikhochschule; Sebastian Berweck, Klv.

For the first time: Music with Music   [more]


Piano Piece 3 (2004)
for piano and live-electronics

Duration: 9'20"

Premiere: 21.12.2004, Den Haag, Conservatorium. Red Wierenga, Klv.

The laser pointer piece. [more]

Piano Piece 2 (2004)
for piano

Duration: 11'20"

Premiere: 19.12.2005, Tübingen, Universität; Ji-Hye Son, Klv. [more]

Piano Piece 1 (2004)
for piano

Duration: 9'30"

Premiere: 2.7.2004, Freiburg, Musikhochschule; Yi-Chun Chen, Klv. [more]

Cordes sensibles (2002)
for Clavichord

Duration: 6'

Premiere: Heinrich Walther, Clv.


Anlässe, sich eine zu drehen (2002)
for guitar

Duration: 9'

Premiere: 29.1.2003 Freiburg; Alexander Lehner, Git.

With masturbation in the end  [more]

Music for piano (1997)
for Piano

Duration: 8'

Premiere: 17.3.1998 Esslingen; Johannes Kreidler, Klv

Solo Performance

Das >DING< an sich (2017)

Hotel Pieces (2015-17)

from: [Two conceptual Pieces]

Beginninglessness (2015)

from: [Eleven conceptual pieces]

Drop-Videos (2015)

from: [Fantasies of Downfall]

Text Clapping (2015)

from: [Eleven conceptual pieces]

Numbering (2015)

from: [Eleven conceptual pieces]

Schuhwerk für Schubert und Schumann / Zueignung (2015)

from: [Eleven conceptual pieces]

I <3 minor 2nd (2015)

from: [Eleven conceptual pieces]

The gap between two pieces of music (2015)

from: [Eleven conceptual pieces]

Hegel: Epistemology (2015)

from: [Performance Deutsches Theater]

!-pieces (2015)

from: [Eleven conceptual pieces]

Hotel Piece (2015)

from: [Hotel Pieces]

Hotel Pieces (2015-17)

aus: [Three conceptual Pieces]

Piano Photo Piece (2014)

from: [Steady Shot]

Masks (2014)

from: [Diminuendo by shame]

Guitar Piece (2014)

from: [Diminuendo by shame]

An Instrument (2014)

from: [Audioguide III]

Weight Levels (2014)

from: [Audioguide]

Erschießen - der Erschuss (2014)

from: [Listomania]

Wrong composer's lifetimes (2014)

from: [Listomania]

Diving (2014)

from: [Audioguide]

Lame Hand (2014)

from: [Audioguide]

Legitimation problems in late Conceptualism (2014)

from: [Five conceptual pieces]

True Type Font Music (2013)

from: [Thirteen conceptual pieces]

This tulip of which I am speaking and which I replace in speaking (2013)
for speaker and powerpoint

duration: 17'

Premiere: 19.10.2013, Stuttgart, Johannes Kreidler [more]

Irmat Studies (2013)
Performance for sensor table

Duration: 28'

Premiere: 5.10.2013, Haus für elektronische Künste Basel. [Video]

Number Symbolism today (2012)

from: [Five conceptual pieces]

Introduction to the Sociology of Music (2010)

from: [Feeds. Hören TV]

Requiem (2010)


from: [Feeds. Hören TV]

Compression Sound Art (2009)

from: [Compression Sound Art]

I am sitting in Kreuzberg / Test (2007)
Performance for MIDI-Keyboard / Computer and Film

Duration: ca. 16'

Premiere: 18.5.2007, Luzia Berlin, Johannes Kreidler

Performance with a film of US- atomic bomb tests  [more]



5 Programmings of a MIDI-Keyboard (2006)
Performance for MIDI-Keyboard / Computer and live-Video

Duration: ca. 16' [more]



untitled performance #1 (2006)
Performance for Keyboard / Computer

Duration: ca. 9'

Premiere: 15.6.2007, Boxhagener Straße Berlin, Johannes Kreidler

Performance with a computer keyboard, playing over 9000 Soundfiles.  [more]


RAM microsystems (2005)
Performance for Joysticks / Computer

Duration: ca. 7'

Premiere: 19.3.2005, Galerie Andersen, Arhus / Dänemark, Johannes Kreidler [more]



Film 2 (2017)

Duration: 21'

with Ensemble LUX:NM

fp: 18.1.2018, Ultraschall Berlin


Film 1 (2017)

Duration: 17'

Premiere: 1./2.9.2017, Big Data Weekend Hamburg


The impossibility of consciously experiencing the moment of falling asleep (2015)


22 music pieces for video (2014)

Duration: 11'30"

Premiere: 17.10.2014, Donaueschinger Musiktage [more]


The Subject-Object-Problem (2013)

from: [Thirteen conceptual pieces]

Mention of Rhythm in the Introduction, perhaps (2013)

from: [Thirteen conceptual pieces]

Shed (2013)

from: [Thirteen conceptual pieces]

New Complexity Fountain (2013)

from: [Thirteen conceptual pieces]

Cubism (2013)

from: [Thirteen conceptual pieces]

ASFSP (2013)

from: [Thirteen conceptual pieces]

Crescendo and Ritardando Compositions (2013)

from: [Thirteen conceptual pieces]

Songifications (2013)

conceptual pieces / song cycle [more]

White and Black (2012)

from: [Five conceptual pieces]

The Event I (2012)

from: [Five conceptual pieces]

The Event II (2012)

from: [Five conceptual pieces]

Joseph Haydn gewidmet (2012)

from: [Five conceptual pieces]

Number Symbolism today (2012)

from: [Five conceptual pieces]

Split Screen Studies (2011)

Duration: 9'

Premiere: 19.10.2012, Donaueschinger Musiktage [more]



Scanner Studies (2011)

Videos of Image-Sound-Programmings [Video 1, Video 2]



kinect studies (2011/13)

Videos of conceptual pieces with the Microsoft Kinect 3D Sensor [Video 1, Video 2, Video 3]



John Cage, 4'33" divided by 16 (2011)

from: [Two conceptual pieces]

Bolero'd (2010)

from: [Four conceptual pieces]

Compression Sound Art (2009)
Musical Zip-Files

Duration: 3'30"

Comments on Sound, musical Zip-Files. [more]


Charts Music (2009)
music with visualization

Duration: 3'

Melodies derived from Stock Charts, arranged with Microsoft Songsmith. [more]


London (2007)

Duration: 10'

Premiere: 19.11.2007, _himbeergeist: #00 BEGIERDE, vorWien Berlin, Johannes Kreidler

Sound track for a fetish film. [more]


Tonspur zur Mondlandung (2005)

Duration: 8'

Premiere: 7.2.2006 Kommunales Kino Freiburg

First film with a new soundtrack.   [more]


Bordeux (2003)

Duration: 3'40"

Early Film. [more]




Form (2016)

from: [Two conceptual pieces]

Iconography (2016)

from: [Two conceptual pieces]




Pointilism (2015)

from: [Eleven conceptual pieces]

Soli (2015)

from: [Eleven conceptual pieces]

Time is Pitch (2015)

from: [Eleven conceptual pieces]

Suddenly (2015)

from: [Eleven conceptual pieces]

Emoticons - Playing Techniques (2014)

from: [Five conceptual pieces]

Album (2015)

Photo montages




Mourning Music for Boris Becker (2013)

from: [Thirteen conceptual pieces]

True Type Font Music (2013)

from: [Thirteen conceptual pieces]

Sheet Music (2013-)
Graphic Notation Miniatures





Der Che "Guevara des Copyrights" (taz) vor seinem Laster voller Papier am Tag der Aktion. Foto: Julia Seeliger

product placements (2008)
Music piece / performance ("music theater")

Action: 12.9.2008, Berlin

70,200 samples in 33 seconds: nightmare for GERMAN RIAA. [more]



Radio Play

Listomania (2016)
Radio Play

Duration: 40'

first broadcast: 22.10.2016, HR2 Kultur [more (german only)]


Rich Harmonies (2013)
Video installation / Performance

Duration: Loop / 100'

Premiere: 13.7.2013, Foreign Affairs Festival, Haus der Berliner Festspiele [link]

Call Wolfgang (2008)
Installation / Internet Activity

Duration: permanent

Two Computers phone with each other, generating terrorist's content. [more]


!-Pieces (2015)

from: [Eleven conceptual pieces]

Inhalation Samples (2014)

from: [Five conceptual pieces]

Black Square (2013)

from: [Thirteen conceptual pieces]

Duration of Silence (2013)

from: [Thirteen conceptual pieces]

Back in C (2013)

from: [Thirteen conceptual pieces]

Piano music of Beethoven, barwise compressed (2011)

from: [Two conceptual pieces]

The Uncommon (2010)

from: [Four conceptual pieces]

Ferneyhough's 2nd String Quartet, rendered with Band-in-a-Box (2010)

from: [Four conceptual pieces]

Bolero'd (2010)

from: [Four conceptual pieces]

Kontinuum mit Melodie (2007)
Stereo Soundfile

Duration: 3'10"

Contribution for the CD "Orpheus 400" of Deutsche Gesellschaft für Elektroakustische Musik [more]


Piano Piece 8 (2014)

from: [Five conceptual pieces]

Password music (2013)

from: [Thirteen conceptual pieces]

Arbeitsmarktplatz Esslingen. Musik für alle, Vermittlung vermittelt. Tragödie des Hörens, erste Roboterdemonstration (2010)
Happening with children, teenagers, 5 singers and robots

Duration: 50'

performed at the market place Esslingen, festival "Zukunftsmusik" [more]