Johannes Kreidler Composer

Infinissage (2018)

Duration: 80'

Premiere: 2.2.2018 Eclat Festival Stuttgart, Johannes Kreidler (and as a guest Franz Bach, percussion)


The concert is a composition-compilation of the following solo performances and videos:
-Zum Geburtstag
-Introduction to the sociology of music
-this tulip of which I am speaking and which I replace in speaking
-The gap between two pieces of music
-The impossibility of consciously experiencing the moment of falling asleep
-Instrumentalisms A
-Monroe (aus Lippenstift)
-Legitimationsprobleme im Spätkonzeptualismus 1 (Kinski)
-Hitler's Rage, bolero'd
-Sheet Music
-Text Clapping
-The Tower Clock
-Legitimationsprobleme im Spätkonzeptualismus 2 (Nietzsche)
-Abstracts (Ricercare)
-Compression Sound Art 1
-Das >DING< an sich
-Instrumentalisms C
-Masks (from Diminuendo by Shame)
-Compression Sound Art 2
-Against Applause











Commission of Musik der Jahrhunderte for Eclat Festival Stuttgart.