Johannes Kreidler Composer

cache surrealism (2008)

for Baritone Saxophone, Accordion, Cello and Tape

Duration: 6' 55"

Premiere: 30.9.2008, Unerhörte Musik Berlin, Z-Kontinuum


For some years now my compositional work has concentrated on the idea of a "music with music"; this means editing, re-contextualizing and overwriting existing, more or less recognizable sound files, which are combined with live performances. With all possible processing techniques, cutting, transposing, filtering, layers, damping etc. I explore the field between "pure" sounds with a certain parametric order and "meaningful" sounds with empirical values.
As material I mainly use flat, anonymous pop music, which can easily be "expropriated" as a medium for another music. It is also the everyday acoustic reality, the media noise, which I musicalize again.

Commissioned by Ensemble LUX:NM


Cache surrealism was released on the portrait CD "Musik mit Musik" of the Edition Zeitgenössische Musik by Deutscher Musikrat as a production of Ensemble LUX:NM.


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