Johannes Kreidler Composer

Dekonfabulation (2007/08)

for Accordion, Percussion, female Speaker and Tape

Duration: 29'

Premiere: 26.2.2008 Unerhörte Musik Berlin; Annette Rießner, Acc., Hjölli Johnsson, Perc.; Cathrin Romeis, speaker


Since a few years my compositional work concentrates on the idea of a "music with music"; it means the dissection of existing, more or less recognizable soundfiles, which are combined with live played or the two mutual overwriting. Depending on duration, speed, density and context, one perceives "pure" sounds with a certain parametric order or "significant" sounds with empirical values.
In Deconfabulation, various aspects of parametric and expressive work with music alienated from its intended purpose are dealt with in several parts. Many excerpts from different music and texts are heard, to which the instrumentalists in turn play and speak live. On purpose I have mainly used bad pop music as material, which is worth to be "expropriated" and whose simple connections - fragmented - are suitable for perceptual play. The approach aims at a similarly contradictory mixture of the concrete and the abstract, as these two spheres are united in the more recent visual arts.

According to the dictionary, "confabulation" means: a report based on memory deception about supposedly experienced processes.


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