Johannes Kreidler Composer

in hyper intervals (2006-08)

for violin, clarinet / bass clarinet, percussion, piano and tape

Duration: 22'30"

Premiere: 24.10.2008, Gdansk, Ensemble Kwartludium


For some years now my compositional work has concentrated on the idea of a "music with music"; this means editing, re-contextualizing and overwriting existing, more or less recognizable sound files, which are combined with live performances. With all possible processing techniques, cutting, transposing, filtering, layers, damping etc. I explore the field between "pure" sounds with a certain parametric order and "meaningful" sounds with empirical values.
As material I mainly use flat, anonymous pop music, which can easily be "expropriated" as a medium for another music. It is also the everyday acoustic reality, the media noise, which I musicalize again.

In hyper intervals is another work that deals with the fragmentation and overwriting of sound files; in deconfabulation more lexical, here more concentrated.

Commissioned by Ensemble Kwartludium

In hyper intervals was released on the portrait CD "Musik mit Musik" of the Edition Zeitgenössische Musik by Deutscher Musikrat as a production of Nadar Ensemble.

On the composition software COIT


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