Johannes Kreidler Composer

Film 2 (2017)


Duration: 21'

Project with Ensemble LUX:NM

fp: 18.1.2018 Ultraschall Festival Berlin


The> Film< series consists of pieces with musicians in the medium of the film. Following a >dissolved concept of music<, video rhythms, the visuality of instruments and performance, notes and sound waves as well as the meaning of musical text, conducting gestures and other images are composed in addition to sound.
Film 2 is commissioned by the Ensemble LUX: NM, it emerged from recordings with its members and the composer; The text material is a computer-generated >lyric< that draws on philosophy and music theory books. In Film 2, subjects such as kissing, suicide and reenacting of works of art and cinema history fit into a primarily stylized, rhythmically organized sequence.














Commission of Ensemble LUX:NM, with support from Ernst von Siemens Musikstiftung.


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