Johannes Kreidler Composer

Two Pieces for Clarinet and Video (2016)

Duration: 9'

Premiere: 2.9.2016 SMC Hamburg / Carola Schaal, Cl.



In the video one sees a hand performing actions on a mixing console, which the clarinet synchronously but all live produces; as a further element later not only the hand moves the mixing console, but the mixing console itself moves under the hand - foreground and background counterpoint and add to each other. The second piece then abstractly transposes the same elements, a square surface and a cursor perform foreground and background movements that expand each other's available field more and more. Finally, an element is added: together with the cursor, the musician performs a choreography of bowing, in which the bowing down is immediately inverted into bowing up.

The combination of instrument and video makes it possible to assign sounding actions to two different levels through the visual information - a sound connection can belong to the foreground or background movement in the image. But the division is double: not only are the sounds distributed between the foreground and background of the video, but the difference between sound and image becomes the theme precisely in the simultaneity of the events..: One thinks here to see a cause and effect in one direction or the other, but at the same time knows that it does not exist.

All this is carried out using aspects of music production (mixer), the virtuosity of mouth movements (and then also the mixer as >bite<), the performance situation (bowing) and as abstract notation (square), just as the sound material recalls typical clarinet techniques and, with quarter and eighth notes, produces an abstract 'composition'. These binarities are again projected into the two-movement of the whole.

Two Pieces for Clarinet and Video was written for Carola Schaal and premiered by her on 1.9.2016 in Hamburg.










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