Johannes Kreidler Composer

The Wires (2016)

für Cello, digital Audio and Video

Duration: 16'

Premiere: 8.3.2018 Borealis Bergen / Tanja Orning, Vc.



This is an essay on frontiers, borders, barbed wire, bullets, knots and the cello as a wire entanglement. As a main source, I took US patents for types of barbed wire, patented mainly during the last 30 decades of 19th century. This material is being “scanned” sonically, to create an acoustic insight into the shapes of wires and their knots. As a second sort of “wire”, the cello sound is live processed into oscilloscope displays of the sound wave. Later, a catalogue of bullet types are scanned like going through the skin, and cello strings will be knotted in different variations, giving different sonic procedures of tightening knots.
In the U.S., there are more than 1000 patents for different kinds of barbed wire. It is fascinating how much imagination humans have in order to create effective borders.

"The Wires" is a commission of Tanja Orning, supported by the Norwegian Government.













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