Johannes Kreidler Composer

Two conceptual pieces (2017)

Piece for Harp and Video (2018)

Duration: ca. 9'

Premiere: 9.9.2018 Gauedamus Music Week Utrecht / Miriam Overlach



Behind the harp strings there is a monitor on which a pre-produced video runs. This video is transmitted by a camera to a large screen, which films through the strings while the player stretches and tilts the strings, then plucks them later.
This results in patterns, windows opening and closing, a semantics of perception through the lattice is established. Later, spatial grids are joined by temporal ones: The shutter frequency, so to speak the basic rhythm of the camera, reproduces the vibrating strings with 25 individual shots per second, resulting in characteristic alias effects through interference; the strings seem to vibrate forwards, backwards or even standing. Finally, the audience sees itself through this oscillation matrix.
I call the compositional approach media art with 'music'. >Music< is the epitome of the cultural, technological and political disposition of sound; as in this example, by means of the structure of the instrument, in the frame of which vertical strings are stretched, through which one can see. All actions are precisely notated out as a score and are thus a rhythmically-musically heard setting, even if the actual sound is only heard in the second part of the piece. First a specific musicality is transposed into the visual, so to speak theatricalized, which is connected with the musical aura of the harp before it is brought together with what really sounds.
The harp is here interpreted in its permeability to other media, and yet it always remains in the foreground. One can, however, direct one's perception to the spaces in between, and audibility raises the question of what is behind it. Harper (Old French) for grab, pack (cf. harpoon) - for the audience it remains to decide on which side of the bars it is actually located: in the cell or in freedom.












Commission of Miriam Overlach and Gaudeamus Music Week.


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