Johannes Kreidler Composer

Earjobs (2011)


Premiere: 8./9. April 2017, Free!Music Festival Berlin, Haus der Kulturen der Welt


For two days, the artist will be in charge of a listening station where a changing programme will be offered; 10 titles, 9 of which will be attributed to New Music, and 1 Muzak title. After listening to a piece, the listener is paid a sum of money. The Muzak title is paid much better (about 10 times) than all the others. The prices take into account the legal minimum wage - those who do one hour of listening work will get at least 8,50. Each payment is taxed, black hearing is not possible! (Students get nothing, they are regarded as interns. Children are not allowed to participate as this would be considered child labour.) The intervention deals with the value of listening to music, the value of different music, the subsidisation of music, the influence of money on perception - a priori of listening.












Earjobs at Nowy Theater Warschau, 18./19. August 2018 (Instalakacje Festival)