Johannes Kreidler Composer

RAM microsystems (2005)

Performance for Joysticks / Computer

Duration: ca. 7'

Premiere: 19.3.2005 Galerie Andersen, Arhus / Dänemark, Johannes Kreidler



„Komponieren bedeutet, ein Instrument bauen“ (H. Lachenmann, Über das Hören).

Random access memory (RAM) is the working storage of a computer, so to say his short-term memory, where data can be edited in high speed. There, operations always develop systematic coherences, for instance when working out separated domains in successive blocks. That is not very different from the human brain. In this performance, a computer reads out permanently from about 350 samples. As improvised material, they will be staggered and transformed with the self-designed intrument haptles, a reprogrammed flight simulator joystick to have a haptic control over samples.


studio recording (unfortunately mono, the original was with lots of panning).

Johannes Kreidler, march 2005

A performance in Seia / Portugal 16.12.2007:


Workshop with kids:



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