Johannes Kreidler Composer




Portrait CD (2015)
From the series "Edition zeitgen�ssische Musik" of Deutscher Musikrat / + DVD [Link]






Piano Music (2019)
Recording of the piano works of Johannes Kreidler by Martin Tchiba [Link]

Review (WDR3)

Review (NMZ)

Review (Der Orchestergraben)

Review (Piano)

Review (NZfM)

Review (Positionen)


Der "Weg der Verzweiflung" (Hegel) ist der chromatische (2012)
On the official CD of the Donauschinger Musiktage 2012, Nadar Ensemble (SWR / Neos) [Link]





Abstracts (2010 / 2022)
LP of Ghost Notes records Kunststiftung Baden-Wuerttemberg [Link]







Kantate: No future now (2008)
On the CD of Internationales Kompositionsseminar, Ensemble Modern / Johannes Kalitzke, Cond. (EM Medien) [Link]





Klavierstück 5 (2005)
On the CD "extended piano" from Sebastian Berweck (Huddersfield Contemporary Records) [Link]


Review (Neue Zeitschrift für Musik) (german)




Anlässe, sich eine zu drehen (2002)
On the CD of guitarist Nico Couck (Champ d'Action recordings) [Link]






Ferneyhough's 2nd String Quartet, rendered with Band-in-a-Box (2010)
On the CD of DEGEM "drop the beat" [Link]



Review (Neue Musikzeitung)




Inhalation Samples (2014)
On the LP of Liquid Architecture "The Ear Is A Brain" [Link]







Slide Show Music (2013)
From the CD of New Forum Jeune Creation [Link]







Cache Surrealism (2007)
On the demo CD of Ensemble LUX:NM [Link]






!-Pieces (2015)
Anniversary Vinyl of Nadar Ensemble [Link]







Kontinuum mit Melodie (2007)
On the CD "Orpheus 400" (DEGEM / CYBELE) [Link]








Sheet Music (2018)
Volume with 150 sheet music works of Johannes Kreidler [Link]


Publishing House

A look into the book



Saetze ueber musikalische Konzeptkunst. Texte 2012-2018
Collection of Essays (in german) [Contents and Foreword] Buy / Amazon









Musik mit Musik. Texte 2005-2011
Collection of Essays (in german) [Contents and Foreword]. Buy


Review (WDR3)

Review (NZfM)

Review (ÖMZ)

Review (Dissonance)

Review (Die Tonkunst)



Programming Electronic Music in Puredata (2007/08)
Tutorial (in english, spanish and german) [Link]










Musik, Ästhetik, Digitalisierung - Eine Kontroverse (2008-10)
A Public debate between Harry Lehmann, Claus-Steffen Mahnkopf and Johannes Kreidler. (in german) [Contents and Foreword]. Buy

Discourse Analysis (Lecture)









Sheet Music (2013-)
Canvas and poster works, signed and purchasable. Website