Johannes Kreidler Composer

Audioguide (2013/14)

Music Theater, production of Darmstädter Ferienkurse für Neue Musik, Ultima Festival Oslo and Fonds experimentelles Musiktheater NRW

Duration: Seven Hours

Tammo Messow, Tom Pilath, Andrea Seitz, Peer Blank
neoN Ensemble: Heloisa Amaral, Inga Byrkeland, Karin Hellqvist, Ane Marthe Holen, Yumi Murakami, Kristine Tjögersen
Wieland Hoban + Philipp Blume
Ruben Mattia Santorsa, Eric Moreira
Felix Dreher, Sound | Littlebit Production
NMZ-Media + Ole Hübner


Some scenes and parts are also available as single videos on YouTube zu sehen.

Interview with Johannes Kreidler about Audioguide.



Audioguide is a staged talk show about aesthetic effects of terrorism, turbo-capitalist art pro duction, hypermodern numbers, music psychology, feminism, circular movement, hatred of old things, social media conversations about political performance art, ideals of beauty, forest outings, money, virtual foreign labor, Macbeth, Stockhausen, Derrida, and the functional specialization of society.

At the same time it is a conceptualist opera, Sonatas and Interludes for prepared hearing, format exposition and the practice of an expanded definition of music.

Trigger warning:
A large amount of violins will be destroyed

FSK 18

The piece lasts for 7 hours, without a break (coming and going is possible).


Texts on Audioguide:

"The beautiful and the political", Lauren Redhead, Contemporary Music Review 34 (2015)

"Imaginary Musical Radicalism and the Entanglement of Music and Emancipatory Politics", Federico Reuben, Contemporary Music Review 34 (2015)

"Music in the Abyssal Maw of Autophagia", Seth Kim-Cohen (Polygraph, 2016)

"Darmstadt und das schwarze Loch der Verblödung", Jonas Reichert (Blatt 3000, 2014)

"Audioguide. Johannes Kreidler: Musik als streitbare Bühnenkunst der Gegenwart", Bernhard Günther (Positionen 101, 2014)

Kreidler (1), Monika Pasiecznik (polish)

Kreidler von Monika Pasiecznik (auf polish)

"Konzept und ästhetische Erfahrung - Strategien konzeptueller Musik", Tobias Schick, in Seiltanz 11

"Darmstadt's New Wave Modernism", Celeste Oram (Tempo 69)

Feature on SWR2 (B. Zimmermann and C. Haffter), November 2014

Besprechung des ersten Aktes, von Stefan Hetzel, Weltsicht aus der Nische 2014