Johannes Kreidler Composer

Instrumentalisms (2016)

Version A and B for string instruments and Video, Version C for Keyboard and Video

Durations: 10' / 9' / 6'

Premieres: 22.4.2016 Jauna Muzika Festival Vilnius / 8.5.2016 Afekt Festival Tallinn / 22.7.2016 Radziejowice




Two comments on version A:

The piece is the first of three works in which the visuality of musical instruments is used to contextualize sound and music. Video collage transforms strings into a facial profile, string vortices into nipples, violin bridge into eyeballs, etc. - the sound is literally turned into the body and in this physicality all sounds take place, including actions captured live via webcam on the e-ukulele.

The visuality of instruments is taken up in this work and redefined through contexts - and consequently also the sounds, the music, which comes from them and is historically placed in them. In addition to the pre-produced video, which in this version focuses on string instruments, the performer plays an electric mini-top guitar; the various string sounds of the video are transmitted live into the performative, bundled and musically commented on. In addition, live video comes into play: a webcam integrates the tabeltop guitar into the video in the middle and at the end of the piece.





















































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In 22 Music Pieces for Video, the aesthetics of >Instrumentalisms< is anticipated.